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General Room Upkeep and Sanitary

Floors - sweep daily to remove the loose debris, dust, etc.

Trash - emptied every day.

Clean and sanitize furniture, equipment and decorations every Thursday

During the COVID-19 period:

We clean and sanitize every day before open to the customer.


Linens and cloth items

We replace fresh, clean sheets, face cradles, or towers at the beginning of each treatment and between each client.

Use detergent and disinfect after each use for at least 15 minutes before the laundry.

During the COVID-19 period:

We will do more sanitize and laundry.


Personal Hygiene

Therapists will soap wash and sanitize their hands and feet.

We provide sanitizer in each room for clients and therapists.

During the COVID-19 period:

We will ask therapists to wear the mask during the treatment.

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