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Chinese Herb Therapy

Chinese Herb Fumigation

Traditional Chinese Medicine Fumigation is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine external treatment, also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine steaming therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine steam bath therapy, drug penetration therapy, hot mist therapy, etc.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Fumigation is a comprehensive chemical and physical therapy with hot medicine steam as the therapeutic factor. This method was first used in clinical practice since the pre-Qin period. By the Qing Dynasty, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation became mature. After the founding of New China, with the rapid development of science and technology, Traditional Chinese Medicine Fumigation has developed correspondingly in both theory and practice, and has gradually been widely used in many aspects such as leisure health care, rehabilitation and clinical treatment of mental illness.

Infrared irradiation & Acupressure Acupoint (Moxibustion)

Moxibustion has been a part of acupuncture practice for thousands of years. Traditionally, it includes direct moxibustion, in which moxa sticks are burned at acupuncture points on the skin, and indirect moxibustion, in which monkshood cakes or ginger or garlic slices are used to insulate the skin from burning moxa cones. Recently randomized clinical trials and clinical observations suggest that moxibustion can enhance physiological and immune functions.

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